Monday, 1 April 2013

To colour scheme or not to colour scheme that is the question?

Hello Little Honey Bee's, 

I hope you are all well and have had a chocolate feast of an Easter! I have half  of my brain thinking about this blog and the other half listening to the creme egg that has sat on my dresser saying 'eat me, eat me!' I'm sure you understand ;-)  

Well I've been thinking lately about colour schemes. I have lots of brides tell me that they are having pink or sage green or purple but why do we need to spend hours of our time searching for that one colour in dresses, chair sashes, favors etc when there are ssooooo many pretty ones out there. Why do we have to have one colour scheme? 

Full of pretty pinks,
with blue, yellow,
white and green.

If you are looking for that vintage look then 
why not have a colour scheme that's 'anything pretty' or an array of subtle pastels that all look beautiful when combined. You shouldn't be worried about having lots of colours. Look at Cath Kidston's colours, don't they just look so lovely and she doesn't stick to one colour. 

One of my vintage brides asked me to handmade her chair sashes as she didn't want one colour throughout her wedding breakfast as she thought it is "too much pow and not enough gorgeous aarrr". The sashes warmed and softened the room with oranges, yellows, greens, blues and pinks with pretty lace to line the base. 

Take a look at Rustic Wedding Chic it is by far my favourite blogging site and you rarely see a one block colour wedding. It will inspire you with it endless photographs of amazing american weddings! 

So don't be scared to have your special day without a colour scheme. Everything will look so pretty when all pulled together to create a truly timeless English vintage affair.  

As part of Honey Bee's 1st birthday I want to give all vintage lovers a special gift of 15% off your booking this week (ending on 8th April). If you are interested drop me a line on my email address with reference HBVT0104 and I will zoom a quote back to you. 

Toodle pip little bees, that creme egg is shouting now and I just can't resist! 
Helen  from Honey Bee's x

Honey Bee's will be at 
The Vintage Chic Wedding Fair at The Malmasion Hotel, The Mailbox, Birmingham 
on 14th April!
Tickets are £5. Pop by for a lovely day of vintage inspiration!

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